The CHOICES framework is an easy to read document that will assist you in developing your individual care plan, whilst helping you to stay in control

Choice & Control:
Access to information and advice empowering you to make realistic choices on your life and how your needs can be met.

Housing & Accommodation:
Supporting your choice on where you choose to live, who you live with and how you wish to live your life.

Our support will help you to achieve your potential by gaining and maintain independent living skills, enabling you to live the life you require

Integration & Inclusion:
By guiding you in your choice of community activities that will help develop your strengths, interests and skills.

Supporting you as an equal citizen to take advantage of all opportunities available and be confident to make decisions.

Education, Learning & Employment:
Advice when accessing educational and learning projects for self-development to help you reach your full potential and confidence with employment opportunities.

Specialist Support:
Support from professional carers who have the skills and experience in supporting people with complex needs, whist managing risk with effective safeguarding in place.